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27. September 2013

Der fünftletzte Freitag (258)  21:39

So so Guido, du liest hier also regelmäßig, aber warum tauchst du in der Liste nicht auf:

38. Felix Freitag, ach ja du warst immerhin schon beim ersten öffentlichen Test von Futterneid dabei.

39. Holger Fassbender, dann pass auch immer schön auf hier, immerhin darfst du das Spiel ab Donnerstag am Stand erklären

So, mal schauen, ob wir die FünfundFünfzig noch voll kriegen.

Mal einen Ansatz für das Designer’s Diary:

(erstmal schauen, wann ich mit Futterneid angefangen habe)

Futterneid - Mother said: “Don’t play with Food”

Friday the 29th of June 2012:
In my Friday project I needed one more game and tried a different way of inspiration. Just put “Freitag” in google search and look for the 2013th entry. The problem google was not showing 2013 entries. So I decided to go for page Fifteen number Five:
I was to lazy to look at the complete video, but in the overview there was my new game title: “Funny Food”.
No further idea.

Friday the 6th of July 2012:
“Funny Food” together with the idea to play with real food. First: The Idea, you have a number of snacks to play with and the players choose in player order one after another to have a battle with these snacks. Second:Research, means go shopping for snacks (game material)

Friday the 13th of July 2012: nothing for this game

Friday the 20th of July 2012:
- Important: Whatever you win in the game, it is for you, you can eat it
- Very important: the snacks must be sealed, because I’m not happy to eat something that was already in everbodys hand.
- Idea: Calories as VPs

The first “game”: The snacks will be in different cups. The calories are VPs. The players add special bonus markers hidden to the VPs for some changes. In turn order you take some snacks or take some snacks to give them to another player to trade in what the other player has taken. Whatever is in front of you at the start of your turn is safe and you can put it somewhere else.

Strange: This is almost the game as it is published now. For me it was very important to make a very simple, short game with these snacks, so you can play it just as the start of the game evening to distibute the snacks on the table and then play something completely different while eating all these acquired snacks.

Friday the 27th of July 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 3rd of August 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 10th of August 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 16th of August 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 24th of August 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 31st of August 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 7th of September 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 13th of September 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 20th of September 2012: nothing for this game

Friday the 27th of September 2012:
OK after some weeks working on the promotion for Copycat I came back to Funny Food.
I added the most important rule to the game: First player takes one snack. The next player take exactely one more as the player before him or steals from another player. The other player is allowed to take one snack from the cups as “replacement” for the stolen snacks.
This is not exactely the same rule in the final game but very near.
It was clear to me that this will not work by now, because there was the possible move for every player just to steal from the person that has taken the last turn and then this game is no fun at all.

I wrote a rule and in that rule there was the change to take exactely one more OR ONE LESS than the player before me. This is the actual existing rule now.

But now the main problem started: The scoring. In this stage everybody wrote down the target snacks he/she wants to have and the difference will be calculated in calories as minus VPs (Losing Points? LPs?!)

Friday the 5th of October 2012:
The first real played game with real snacks:
-12 Tütchen Goldbären mini je 42 kcal
-8 Streifen Fritt Orange je 48 kcal
-3 Riegel Milka Vollnuss je 254 kcal
-8 Knoppers je 137 kcal
-13 Hanuta Mini je 58 kcal
-22 Merci Crocant je 22 kcal

It was a lot of fun. And one more rule for the final game appeared. When the cups are empty the game is not immediately over. Every player just take one snack after another of the last taken snacks an whoever has nothing left (of these) can just steal from others. This rule untested, but I can tell you, it worked.

The last major problem: Two players only stealing from each other and doing nothing else.

Friday the 11th of October 2012:
Only changed the scoring rule. Still very complicated. Unplayed.

Friday the 18th of October 2012:
(no own blog entry, because of essen fair)
The first official open for all game at my stand on Spiel ‘12 in Essen and I won!!!!
Ok the scoring was confusing. I was the only person that understood it and got the most points. Unfair, but I won!!!!

Friday the 26th of October 2012:
I decided to make a version with cards as snacks for two reasons:
1. to find out if the game is still funny (without real snacks)
2. not to be forced to eat so many snacks for each time I will test this game

Friday the 2nd of November 2012:
Still two main problems: The scoring and the Tit for Tat stealing

Friday the 9th of November 2012:
I got a new scoring idea , wrote it down and found out afterwards the the idea creates a broken game.

Friday the 16th of November 2012: nothing for this game

Friday the 23rd of November 2012:
The idea or markers for the snacks to change the value of each sort. Markers of course hidden placement to get hidden information and to avoid kindmaker situations. The first idea was to take these markers as multipliers.
And I calcualted a lot to get the right distribution of markers for different number of player, because with more player there are more markers….

Friday the 30th of November 2012:
Now it is possible to have snacks with nagative VPs and in the rules there was not chance to pass. Added the rule for exiting the game earlier.

Friday the 6th of December 2012:
Wait not a Friday you say. Yes, but in Fiji it was already Friday. I played more often on Fiji-Friday that days and the game realease party starts on Fiji-Friday.
Important rule changes:
- You’re allowed now to steal from the player before you
- You do not get random scoring chips, but a complete set and one random (will be excanged for a “?” later)
- You still look at one stack, but each stack will be shuffled and on marker revealed.

Friday the 14th of December 2012: nothing for this game
Friday the 21st of December 2012: nothing for this game

Friday the 28th of December 2012:
The new title: “Fight for Food”

Friday the 4th of January 2013: nothing for this game. I wrote the desinger’s diary for Copycat

So nun aber genug für heute. Am 4. Januar habe ich dafür Fünf Stunden gebraucht, die habe ich heute nicht mehr. Also nächste Woche den Rest….